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Hixon Lab

Details about past and present members of my lab can be found under the "Graduate Mentoring" menu. Here are some group photos:

Ebeling academic tree 2001
A lab reunion at my 50th birthday party (thanks, Stosh) in 2001 (L to R):  Karen Overholtzer (now McLeod), Mark Carr, Glenn Almany, me, Al Ebeling, Michael Webster, Brian Tissot.

LSI 1994 crew
Part of our 1994 crew at Lee Stocking Island (L to R):  Barb Byrne, Craig Tinus, Mark Carr, Tony Kaltenberg.

Carr & LSI crew
Part of our 1997 crew at Lee Stocking Island with scientists from other labs (L to R):  Brock McLeod, Denise, Todd Anderson, Eric, Andrew, Karen Overholtzer (now McLeod), Mark Carr's right-hand bodyguard, Mark Carr, Mark Carr's left-hand bodyguard.

Lee Stocking Island
Field assistants Morgan and Tish (L to R) with "Super Tech"  Brock McLeod and postdoc Mark Carr.

LSI 2004 crew
Part of our 2004 crew at Lee Stocking Island (L to R):  Darren Johnson, Mark Christie, Chris Stallings, Jenn Noell, Sean Hixon, me.

LSI crew 2009
Our 2009 lionfish crew at Lee Stocking Island (L to R):  Sean Hixon, me, Tye Kindinger, Mark Albins, Gabe Scheer, Paul Sikkel, Emily Pickering.

Sean and Mark Hixon
My all time favorite field assistant -- my son Sean -- shown here with me on the day of his first open-water dive in frigid Puget Sound (2011).  Brrr!

Hixon lab CEI 2012
Grad students (L to R) Lil "Tigger" Tuttle, Kurt "Wooly Willy" Ingeman, Casey "Quick Wit" Benkwitt, and Tye "Dead Eye" Kindinger at the Cape Eleuthera Institute during the summer of 2012.

The Hixon Band
P.S.  In case you wondered what I do on all those "marine policy" trips back to the East Coast, click here.  (Just kidding!)