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Print Press

Lionfish Invasion:
Venomous Lionfish Prowl Delicate Caribbean Waters - Gazette Times (August 2008)
What Invasive Species Are Trying to Tell Us - Mother Jones Magazine (February 2009)
Lionfish Invasion Continuing to Expand - U.S. News & World Report (April 2010)
Lionfish Boom Threatens Atlantic Ecosystems - The Guardian (July 2010)
The Lionfish Creates an Uproar, Bringing Out the Hunters - Wall Street Journal (November 2010)
Scourge of the Lionfish - New York Times (August 2012)

Fisheries Management:
The Fate of the Ocean - Mother Jones Magazine (March 2006)
'Ten Commandments' Could Improve Fisheries Management - Bend Weekly News (February 2007)

Protecting Sea Life: New Marine Reserves, Wave Energy a Bad Mix for Oregon - The Oregonian (December 2010)
Tiny Hawaiian Fish Signal Large Things in Oregon - The Oregonian (December 2010)

Ocean Warming and Acidification:
Polarized by Climate Change - Portland Tribune (January 2011)
Ocean Changes - Port Orford Today (April 2011)

For more examples, please Google "Mark Hixon Oregon State University"